We leverage the most advanced minimally-invasive technologies to address the three visual cues of aging skin: wrinkles, volume loss and texture/pigmentation. By expertly combining lasers, platelet-rich-plasma, injectibles and other anti-aging modalities we offer patients a comprehensive approach to looking years younger without surgery.

The Vampire Facial, also known as a PRP Facial, harnesses the healing power of the patient’s own PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) to rejuvenate and smooth the skin. A small amount of blood is drawn from the arm and spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and plasma from the red blood cells. After creating tiny ports in the skin through Microneedling to stimulate new collagen, the plasma liquid is applied to the skin to facilitate healing and cellular regeneration.

The Vampire Facelift® involves using dermal filler such as Juvederm to create more youthful facial contours followed by injecting PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) below the dermis the help improve the tone, texture and overall skin quality. Also called the PRP Facelift, this advanced treatment is ideal for patients who are looking for a non-surgical approach to lifting and firming sagging skin.


Acne scars occur due to the inflammation and damage following an acne breakout. These can be pigmented, raised or depressed in appearance. Also known as Acne Laser or Acne Laser Removal, this highly effective method successfully resurfaces the affected area using selective waveband technology. For severely depressed scars, a minor surgical procedure called Acne Scar Subcision can smooth the skin by stimulating collagen.

Microneedling is a popular technique that involves inserting microscopic needles into the skin for the purpose of rejuvenation. As the microneedling device traverses the skin’s surface, tiny needles create controlled damage deep in the dermis. The collagen boost during the healing process produces smoother, plumper and healthier-looking skin. Microneedling is included as part of our Vampire Facial and Vampire Facelift® procedures.

We offer patients the most innovative cosmetic injectables to reduce facial wrinkles and restore volume loss due to aging. BOTOX® is a wrinkle-smoothing injection that temporarily relaxes the muscles that causes dynamic facial lines. Dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® use highly advanced hyaluronic acid molecules to boost volume and improve facial contours. A combination of BOTOX® and filler can achieve significant non-surgical improvement in facial lifting, firming and smoothness.

Profound RF is the only FDA-approved procedure that stimulates both collagen and elastin to achieve skin lifting and tightening. The treatment involves inserting tiny needles deep into the dermal layers while delivering a highly controlled burst of radiofrequency (RF) energy at precise depth and duration of time. The RF denatures existing collagen fibers while simultaneously promoting profound healing and cellular repair. After 12-16 weeks patients can expect to see firmer skin and improved facial contours, especially around the neck and jawline area. One treatment is often sufficient to produce satisfactory results which continue to improve up to 12 months.

Nordlys by Ellipse is a ground-breaking technology that utilizes selective waveband technology to treat multiple skin conditions, including: scars, enlarged veins, blood vessels, port wine stains and other vascular or pigmented lesions. The device can also be used for safe and effective laser hair removal and facial rejuvenation. The biggest advantage of Nordlys is that it’s virtually painless and has the ability to customize treatments based on patients’ skin type and unique skin concerns.

FRAX Laser features gentle non-ablative fractional resurfacing to treat textural concerns, fine lines and wrinkles and minor pigmentation issues. A series of sessions can slow down and in some cases reverse the visible signs of aging, leaving skin looking fresher and more youthful. All treatments are performed with SoftCool™ to reduce pain and discomfort. The FRAX laser treatment has little to no downtime and patients can get back to their normal activities almost immediately.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) utilizes selective waveband technology to achieve exceptional skin rejuvenation, hair removal and treatment of vascular disorders. IPL delivers pulses of light energy that directly target pigment deep in the dermal layers. Certain wavelengths are attracted to brown pigment while others seek out red pigment. Once the pigmented lesions are destroyed or collapse, subsequent healing and cellular repair results in more even skin tone and smoother complexion.



Photofacial, sometimes called “fotofacial,” is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses intense pulses of light (IPL) to reverse the visible signs of aging. The device targets brown pigment and vascular lesions to improve skin tone and texture. It’s particularly effective for reducing dark spots (age spots), birth marks, broken capillaries and rosacea. Evidence shows that regular photofacials can boost collagen in the skin resulting in long-term skin firming effects.

Chemical peels are highly effective for improving skin texture, reducing pigmentation, acne and softening lines and wrinkles. The ViPeel offers patients minimal downtime options for improving the skin’s youthful appearance. Made from a proprietary blend of pharmaceutical ingredients such as TCA, Retinoic Acid and Kojic Acid, this medical-grade peel can even correct severe pigmentation issues such as melasma and acne scarring.

laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

Excessive facial hair growth can happen for genetic reasons or hormonal imbalance. Treating facial hair can be tricky as it can become worse if not handled by an experienced clinician. Our IPL hair removal is effective for most types of facial hair. By precisely targeting and destroying the melanin-producing cells in the follicles, IPL gives patients the most reliable and longest lasting hair reduction.

HydraFacialMD® is a gentle microdermabrasion method that uses water instead of crystals to exfoliate, deep-cleanse and hydrate the skin. The treatment follows a computerized 3-step protocol: “cleanse & peel,” “extract & hydrate,” and “fuse & protect.” The first two steps remove dead skin, impurities and debris from the pores followed by the last step which saturates the epidermis with moisturizers, antioxidants and anti-aging peptides.



Dermaplaning is a completely new and innovative way to exfoliate the skin. It involves using a sterile surgical blade to gently scrape away dead skin cells along with fine hair or “peach fuzz.” Dermaplaning removes the dull upper most layers of skin revealing a brighter and more radiant complexion. We recommend having it done before a party or special event to achieve flawless makeup application. Dermaplaning can be performed on the face, neck and under the chin and is quick, painless with no downtime.


Whether you suffer from hair loss or excessive hair growth, our clinic can help you look better and regain your confidence with state-of-the-art customized treatments designed to address all your hair-related concerns.

laser hair removal body

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a highly effective and long-lasting solution to eliminate unwanted hair from the face and body areas such as legs, back and arms. We use the IPL hair removal technology here at Alinea Medical because of its reliability and safety record. IPL works by emitting intense pulses of light at selective wavelengths to strategically damage the pigment (melanin) in the hair follicles. With multiple sessions, hair growth is reduced considerably and in some cases halted altogether.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is used to counteract hair loss and stimulate hair growth. It’s an outpatient medical procedure that involves drawling the patient’s own blood, processing it in a centrifuge to isolate the healing growth factors then re-injecting it back into the scalp. PRP is clinically-proven to increase hair growth and density by improving the delivery of nutrients and microcirculation to the scalp and hair follicles.


Look and feel your best while boosting your self-confidence. Our clinically-proven and highly effective treatments can eliminate stubborn fat cells, address most pigmentation and vascular concerns and increase skin elasticity through collagen stimulation.

As we age, loose skin can become more apparent in areas such as arms and stomach. Profound RF is the only FDA-approved procedure that is clinically proven to stimulate both collagen and elastin. Profound RF works by deploying microscopic needles deep into the skin while delivering a highly controlled burst of radiofrequency (RF) energy at precise depth and duration of time. The RF breaks down existing collagen fibers while promoting profound cellular regeneration. After 12-16 weeks patients can expect smoother and tighter skin in the treatment area. One session is often sufficient to produce satisfactory results which continue to improve up to 12 months.

Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) was originally used in regenerative medicine to speed up repair of injuries to the body. Recently PRP has become a staple in skin rejuvenation once it became apparent that the concentrated growth factors and fibroblasts in blood have the ability to boost cellular repair. PRP can be used to smooth and revitalize skin on the face and body and works best when combined with Microneedling.

VaserLipo™ or Vaser liposuction is a procedure that combines ultrasonic frequency waves with liposuction to remove unwanted fat and re-shape the body. The big advantage of VaserLipo™ over other fat reduction modalities is that it breaks down fat cells prior to their removal which minimizes trauma to the surrounding tissues. Another benefit is patients can see immediate improvements in body contours and shape after the first treatment.

laser hair removal body

Laser Hair Removal

Smooth, hair-free skin is possible with Laser Hair Removal. We’ve helped countless men and women eradicate unwanted hair from all areas of the body, including bikini, legs, arms, back and chest with IPL. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) targets pigment in the hair follicles to safely and effectively slow down and even stop hair growth. Laser Hair Removal is a process that may require multiple sessions and follow up treatments.

Alinea Medical offers patients state-of-the-art Nordlys treatments to target spider veins and other vascular lesions on all parts of the body. Nordlys utilizes selective waveband technology which specifically targets red pigment (hemoglobin) in the blood. After delivering a controlled damage to the area, the tiny veins collapse and become absorbed by the body resulting in smoother and more even-toned skin.

scar reduction or removal

Scar Reduction/Removal

Surgical scars or acne scars on the body can be unsightly and cause patients to become self-conscious about their appearance. We offer a number of treatments for scar reduction/removal regardless of their cause to help patients achieve smooth, beautiful skin. Most types of scars respond extremely well to IPL treatments, FRAX laser and in some cases of severe depressed scars, a minor surgical procedure called Subcision may be necessary.


There has never been a better time to take charge of your sexual health and satisfaction. We offer a number of clinically proven surgical and minimally-invasive procedures for vaginal rejuvenation and to boost sexual enjoyment for both women and men.

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that involves altering the size and shape of the labia minora in order to improve its appearance and function. The main goal for the patient is to reduce the length of both labia. This can prevent twisting and tugging while riding a bike or during sexual intercourse and minimize irritation and feeling self-conscious. We are experts at both the trim and wedge techniques, choosing the option which best suits individual patient needs and treatment objectives.

Childbirth can often result in laxity of the vaginal canal and feeling “loose” compared to a woman’s pre-baby condition. This can negatively impact sexual enjoyment as well as to the point that a tampon does not stay in place. Vaginoplasty is a surgical technique that brings the separated vaginal muscles back together while removing any redundant mucosa from the back of the vagina. Vaginoplasty can be combined with Labiaplasty to create a more pleasing aesthetic appearance.

Autologous fat transfer has been used to replace lost volume in the face and body for many years. It can also help to improve the size and shape of the labia majora by correcting visible asymmetry while improving firmness. The advantage of vulvar fat grafting is using your own fat which means the chances of developing an adverse reaction is extremely unlikely. The ideal candidate for this treatment is someone who is physically healthy, within a healthy weight range with good skin elasticity.

The number one reason for Perineal Scar Revision is tearing and scarring of the perineal tissue (located between the vagina and rectum), usually caused during childbirth. If the tearing is not properly corrected, then post-partum scar tissue can cause disfigurement in this area. Perineal Scar Revision is a surgical procedure that repairs the perineum with the goal of restoring its appearance and function. The procedure can also rebuild the vaginal muscles for improved tightness. Vaginoplasty may be performed at the same time.

The O-Shot (The Orgasm Shot) involves injecting your own platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) into the vaginal tissue to improve sexual response and satisfaction. Growth factors present in your PRP activate stem cells, stimulate cellular repair and promote the formation of new blood vessels. Some of the O-Shot benefits include: increased ability to have vaginal orgasms, stronger and more frequent orgasms, decreases vaginal pain and urinary incontinence and improved vaginal lubrication.

Hormone replacement therapy can be a life-saver for women who experience intense hot flashes, vaginal dryness and changes in mood at the onset of menopause. A healthy diet and exercise can help ease some of the symptoms but only BHRT can alleviate them altogether, resulting in a higher quality of life. BHRT strives to return female patients to optimum hormonal balance they enjoyed prior to menopause.

Chronic Pelvic Pain can be caused by a number of reasons. The goal of any experienced physician is to identify and treat the source of the pain. This may involve a physical evaluation and performing tests to understand the patient’s condition better. In the event that the source of the pain cannot be determined, the treatment will then focus on pain relief and management of symptoms to make the patient as comfortable as possible.


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