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Heightened Sex
with O-Shot®
May help in increasing sexual desire & arousal
Allows for more intense & prolonged orgasms
Facilitates increased blood flow & healthier vaginal mucosa
Improved natural lubrication
Female Sexual Health
Promotes vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation
Uses your own growth factors and stem cells via platelet-rich-plasma (PRP)
Minimally-invasive with exceptional safety and efficacy
O-Shot is simple, quick and painless
O-Shot® for
and Other Concerns
Pain during intercourse and vaginal dryness
Complications from childbirth and laxity
Difficulty or inability to reach orgasm
May help with low libido
For All New Patients
For a limited-time only, all new O-Shot patients receive a free comprehensive one on one consultation with Dr. Ammar.


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As a new patient you will receive a Free comprehensive O-Shot consultation with Dr. Ammar to ensure the services we offer are well suited for YOU.

We also offer Care Credit & Med Loan Financing which provide a convenient and flexible way to pay for your aesthetics procedures.

Trust The Best O-Shot Doctors in NYC

Dr. Ammar specializes in non-surgical cosmetic gynecology in combination with regenerative tissue engineering. His unique approach to vaginal rejuvenation using PRP (platelet rich plasma) has helped many women regain their sexual health and satisfaction from partner intimacy.

Dr. Ammar Mahmoud O-shot NYC specialist

OBGYN Specialist

Dr. Ammar is an experienced GYN physician focusing in non-surgical & surgical vaginal rejuvenation. He is a leading sexual health expert. He is a highly sought after nationally certified O-Shot physician in NYC who performs the industry leading O-Shot for women in his NYC facility.

Dr. Ammar is a speaker on cutting-edge labiaplasty/vaginoplasty techniques and served as a faculty member at the International Cosmetic Gynecology Conference in 2018 and 2019.

Unparalleled Personalized Treatment

Meticulous attention to detail sets our clinic apart from the competition. We offer a highly individualized approach and comprehensive consultation process to ensure your O-Shot treatment plan is as individual as you are. Book a Free Consultation now.

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Our Gold Standard Technology Delivers 4x the Concentration of Platelets

Many PRP systems fail to produce high-quality platelet-rich-plasma. We use the state-of-the-art Magellan® Autologous Concentration System using patented TRU PRP technology. It’s considered the gold standard in closed PRP systems and delivers 4x the concentration of platelets than other O-Shot treatments in NYC.

What is the O-Shot®?

O-Shot® – the “O” is for Orgasm. It’s an innovative and ground-breaking non-surgical vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation procedure that helps women climax more intensely and quickly during intercourse. It​uses the woman’s own stem cells and growth factors naturally occurring in the blood (known as platelet-rich plasma or PRP) to improve arousal and sexual response from clitoral and vaginal (G-spot) stimulation.

When the PRP is injected into the vaginal and clitoral areas, growth factors are released that activate stem cells which improve blood flow, sensitivity and the integrity of the surrounding tissue.

what is the o-shot
g-shot vs o-shot

G-Shot® vs. O-Shot®?

The “O-Shot®” treatment has been registered as a trademark and involves injecting one’s own blood platelets into the “G-spot” or Grafenburg spot. This procedure is performed annually to maintain the results. 

The “G-Spot” is also a registered trademark. Only instead of platelet-rich-plasma, the physician injects a hyaluronic acid dermal filler. The filler temporarily expands the G-spot area, making it easier to locate during sexual intecourse, enhancing sexual arousal and orgasm. “G-Shot” injections may be needed up to four times per year as the filler breaks down after 3-5 months.

Women who want longer-lasting results while using their own natural materials may be better candidates for the O-Shot treatment.

What Women May Experience After the O-Shot®

How it Works

The O-Shot® NYC procedure begins with a small amount of your blood being drawn and spun in our Magellan Tru PRP system to extract the platelet-rich-plasma (PRP). Prior to treatment, the clitoral area and vagina are numbed with a topical and local anesthetic. Dr. Ammar then injects the PRP into the G-spot area of the vagina using a very fine needle which is painless.

The entire process takes 40-60 minutes and most of that time is spent numbing to ensure a painless treatment experience. There is no downtime and most patients are able to resume their normal activities immediately. Many women report that the O-Shot has helped them achieve better and more intense orgasms as early as a week after treatment.

Facts About Sexual Arousal


Meet the Inventor of the O Shot Dr. Runels

Dr. Goldstein & Dr. Runels Discuss O Shot® Scientific Research


How long does the O-Shot last?

Results of the O-Shot typically last 12 months. Although some women have reported that their results have lasted much longer. Since the O-Shot stimulates the release of growth factors which in turn activate local stem cells to improves the health of your vagina and clitoris.

What is the G-Shot?

This involves injecting hyaluronic acid filler into the “G-spot” or Grafenburg spot area of the vagina. The treatment increases the size of the G-spot making it easier to stimulate and achieve orgasm. Some women may be apprehensive about injecting something ‘foreign’ into their vagina and may opt for the O-Shot treatments which uses their own blood platelets.

What is the P-Shot?

The name P-Shot® is short for the Priapus Shot®. Priapus was the Greek god of male regenerative power. The treatment involves injecting one’s own blood platelets (PRP) into the glans penis in order to achieve stronger, firmer erections, increase penile length and girth, heightened sensitivity and improve overall blood flow.