Intravenous Therapy
(IV Therapy) NYC

Personalized and tailor-made nutritional IV therapy
Performed either in the comfort of your home/hotel/office or at our New York City clinic
Most comprehensive medical compounding of IV “cocktails” for health and vitality

IV Vitamin Therapy

IV Vitamin drip replenishes the body’s stores of micronutrients and improves proper cell function
IV therapy promotes a healthy body and boosts the immune system
Provides support and “rescue” for a hang-over or when ill, improving function, hydration and faster recovery

IV Therapy Delivered by

All IV therapies are medically supervised by Dr. Ammar Mahmoud, a Board-Certified physician
The team delivers compassionate care and impeccable bedside manner
Dr. Mahmoud offers each patient a highly personalized consultation and IV Nutrition Therapy

Alinea Medical in NYC Offers of IV Therapies

Dr. Ammar and his team specialize in restoring your health and immune function through highly individualized IV therapies. We use the strictest safety and efficacy standards when selecting the IV drips for our patients. Our goal is to provide your body with optimum support using an expertly compounded “cocktail” of vitamins, minerals and supplements required by your body to function at its highest level possible.

All intravenous infusions are designed to enhance wellness and can be customized to address specific concerns, such as hydration, immune support and “hangover cure.” We also offer a number of add ons such as Vitamin C and Glutathione. Our IV nutritional therapies can be added to any health and wellness program as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Book an appointment with one of our IV Therapy specialists to learn how this treatment can help you feel and look your best.

What is IV Vitamin Therapy?

Intravenous or IV Vitamin Therapy is a method of infusing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants directly into your body. When we ingest supplements by mouth, only about 30% of the nutrients are actually used by the body. That’s because a number of factors affect absorption of nutrients in the gut, including the quality of the supplements and state of our health. Intravenous nutrition therapy allows up to 93% absorption of quality micronutrients, antioxidants, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream.

Top 3 Reasons to Have IV Therapy

strengthen immune system NYC

Optimum Health & Wellbeing

Boosts nutrition, energy, IV hydration, as well as revitalizes a sluggish immune system.  

iv vitamin therapy NYC

Energy & Mental Focus

Provides the brain with optimum nutrition to perform optimally at work and when concentration is needed.

IV Therapy NYC 1

Anti-Aging Benefits

Nourishes skin cells with nutrients and antioxidants, helping to improve skin health and appearance.

IV Therapies Available at Alinea Medical

To help your body function optimally, combat infections, boost the immune system and improve your skin health, we offer the following vitamin infusions (and injections):

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Revive $149

This hydrating multivitamin and electrolyte mix helps to replenish nutrients and re-energize your system during times of stress. It’s ideal when you’re feeling sluggish, run down after intense exercise, or a busy chaotic work week. “Revive” helps to restore balance and rejuvenates the mind and body.

Optional additives can include:

Also Available:

Hang-Over Cure $249

A special combination of vitamins and minerals replenish fluids lost after a night out. We include additional medication to ease nausea, vomiting, headaches and body aches. This package  also features glutathione, a “master antioxidant” that’s depleted with alcohol intake. Our “Hang-Over Cure” provides immediate relief and helps you get on with your day. 

Optional additives can include:

Also Available:

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IV Therapy NYC 2

Immune Boost $299

Fortifies your immune system with a cocktail of multivitamins, electrolytes, high-dose vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, and glutathione. Replenishes the micronutrients necessary for the body to fight off potential illness and reduces your risk of getting sick. “Immune Boost” is perfect if you’re feeling run down or during flu season to ward off infection and inflammation.

Optional additives can include:

Also Available:

Meyers Cocktail
$299 or $1000 series of 4

The Meyers Cocktail was developed by Dr. John Meyers and popularized by Dr. Alan Gaby for treating nutritional deficiencies and diseases caused by poor nutrition and/or nutrient absorption. This well-studied IV drip combines Vitamin B12, high dose Vitamin C and Magnesium, delivering it directly into your bloodstream. Dr. Gaby carefully tested the Meyers Cocktail on 15,000 patients, all of whom showed a marked improvement in disease symptoms and overall health. For optimal results, this drip should be done in a series of 4 infusions over 2-4 weeks and then as needed. Additional micronutrients and medications can be added to personalize your drip and help you feel your best.

Optional additives can include:

Also Available:

IV Therapy NYC 3
IV Therapy NYC 3

How is IV Therapy Performed?

Following a thorough consultation with our board certified doctor, a small band is placed around the upper arm while the patient lays/sits in a comfortable position. The inner elbow is swabbed with alcohol and allowed to dry. A very small catheter is placed into the vein and tubing is attached.

The tubing, which is connected to a specially formulated bag of IV solution, is then opened and the fluid drips into the vein over 30-60 minutes (depending on the medications in the bag). Once the IV infusion is complete, the patient is free to resume their normal activities immediately.


What’s inside the IV Therapy bags?

Our IV infusions incorporate vitamins and minerals such as C, B-Complex, Magnesium, Glutathione and many others to improve the immune system and support overall health. The ingredients are formulated specifically to match each patient’s unique needs.

Phlebitis is an inflammatory condition of the blood vessels. This can happen if the contents of the IV therapy are too concentrated and cause irritation of the vessel. The professionals at Alinea Medical take special care during the preparation and infusion of our IV fluids to reduce the chances of developing phlebitis.

What special precautions are you taking during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Your IV specialist and nurse will arrive with FULL PPE (Mask, gown, and gloves) in order to eliminate spread of COVID-19 Virus. Dr. Ammar is now offering covid-19 testing from the office and in-home.  Instructions are to call 803-4615383 for details. We would like to note that for in-home visits, PPE (mask/gloves/gown) will be worn.

Will IV Therapy help me feel better?

Our “Hang-Over Cure” is designed to give patients instant relief from the headache, nausea and fatigue associated with a hang-over. Other infusions such as “Immune Boost” and “Revive” may not produce immediate results; however, you’re still reaping the health and wellness benefits of direct nutrients delivery into the body.

How long does IV therapy take?

Typically IV infusion takes approximately 40-50 minutes. 

What conditions can IV therapy treat?

Although IV Therapy is not designed to cure any medical conditions, it can help support the body in healing. Those suffering from fatigue, cold/flu, malnutrition, malabsorption, poor wound healing, allergies, skin conditions, difficulty losing weight and many others may benefit from IV therapy. Consult with your doctor for a full list of conditions that can be supported with IV therapy.

How often should I get an IV therapy treatment?

This depends on each person and their individual needs. Some of our clients come in weekly, particularly if they’re recovering from surgery or a health condition. It’s best to meet with one of our IV Therapy specialists for help with customizing IV infusions based on your immediate needs, such as training for a marathon, injury recovery, prenatal nutrition, weight loss and etc.